Call Yourself a Reds Fan? The Ultimate Liverpool Quiz Book

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How much do you really know about the club you love? You can find out by exploring the 1,000 questions set out in 100 categories that make up this Liverpool quiz book. It’s not often that books on football make reference to the Beatles, Napoleon, Roald Dahl, Moby Dick, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, Pete Townshend, Dylan Thomas and The Band, but this one does! Try these for size: add one letter to a Liverpool and England international from the 1960s and produce another Liverpool and England international from this century. Which Liverpool manager shares his name with a five-time Open golf champion? The first names of three 21st-century Liverpool players have won The Derby in 1972, the King George at Ascot in 2011 and the St. Leger in 2001, who are the three players? You will struggle to find anything as comprehensive as this eclectic collection. It’s a must for Liverpool fans of all ages and you might not see anything quite like it again.