The Byerley Turk

The True Story of the First Thoroughbred
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This is the true story of the most remarkable horse in history.

The Byerley Turk was born in a humble stable in the Balkans in 1678, but went on to become one of the finest fighting horses in the Ottoman cavalry and was finally  captured by the English at the Siege of Buda.

He was ridden across central Europe, then won the King’s Plate, racing in Northern Ireland on his way to fight at the Battle of the Boyne.

His luck never ran out. Unmarked, he returned to Yorkshire to become the foundation sire of the thoroughbred line. On racecourses around the world today, his blood thunders on. This is the first time his story has been told.

“This is no dry academic work; it is written as a dramatic
narrative that has the reader savouring the twists and turns of
every page.”
Horse magazine

“I have read a lot of books … this is a strong contender for my
favourite ever. Minutely researched and written with passion,
this is a really wonderful book.”
Farmers Guardian

“The narrative reads as a flamboyant historical novel.”
Irish Times


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ISBN: 9781873674765
Author: Jeremy James