An End of Innocence

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Jimmy Greaves suggested that the 1959/60 season was the last of football's age of innocence, as free-flowing play gave way to defensiveness. An End of Innocence looks at our football in the 1950s and its transition through the 1960s. Set against a backdrop of cultural change, it reflects a nation that was evolving and the impact that had upon football.

Paperback, 384 pages

Published 25/01/2021

About the Author

Tim Quelch is a retired local government officer who writes sports books to raise funds for various UK charities. This is his eighth book. All his previous books - Never Had It So Good, Underdog!, Bent Arms & Dodgy Wickets, Stumps & Runs & Rock 'n' Roll, From Orient to the Emirates and Good Old Sussex by the Sea - have each received wide acclaim. Now living in the north, this book is a testament to his early years following English football

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Format: Paperback