Bahram & The Aga Khan III by Peter Corbett

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Bahram & The Aga Khan III, is not just the story of a great racehorse. The life of the Aga Khan III and the evolution of his breeding empire are re-assessed. What part was played by Vuillier’s breeding theories? How much did the Hon. George Lambton and “Dick” Dawson contribute? How did all this help to create what was to become the most successful breeding dynasty of the Twentieth Century?

Bahram’s trainer was Frank Butters a great practitioner of his art whose incredible life and career endured many vicissitudes over which he triumphed only to succumb eventually to tragedy.

Bahram & The Aga Khan III is a compelling story of a great horse but also covers the period from the early nineteen twenties until the middle of the nineteen fifties. The Great War was over but during this period a second, catastrophic, World War was endured.