Best Horses of the Decade 1970 – 1979 by John Crofts

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Inspired by the success of his first book, Classic Winners 1980-2015, John Crofts has now created the first volume in a new series of six books entitled Best Horses of the Decade.

Each will cover the racing and stud careers of the very best horses of that decade. They will be illustrated with photographs sourced from the author's own extensive library and from those of other respected racing professionals.

Best Horses of the Decade 1970-1979 is not simply a record of facts and photos. John writes from his own unique perspective using his extensive experience during a lifetime in the company of the finest racehorses and the people who strive to bring out the best in them. John Crofts was directly involved with two of the horses featured in this first book, Buckskin and Orange Bay and his personal recollections of these times will touch the hearts of all lovers of great racehorses.

Brigadier Gerard, Mill Reef and Nijinsky, three of the greatest Thoroughbreds of the twentieth century, graced the racecourses of Europe during the 1970s. Best Horses of the Decade 1970-1979 recalls these legendary classic winners and over one hundred racehorses whose distinguished careers on the track and occasionally subsequently at stud, causes them to be remembered by horse-racing enthusiasts more than thirty-five years after the last of them passed the winning post for the final time.