Flat Formbook 2020 - downloadable version (PDF) - Issue 41 - 05/01/2020

    Flat Formbook 2020 - downloadable version (PDF) - Issue 41 - 05/01/2020


    The Flat Formbook with data from Dec 20th to December 31st (inclusive)

    PDF service (please do not use Paypal as your payment method as this will delay receipt of the file).

    The Raceform Formbook is one file containing three sections: 

    1. Confirmed - all the results from Dec 20th to December 31st inclusive

    (please note this is the FINAL issue for 2020 and therefore there is no unconfirmed section - that will return next week. Because the season / year ended on Thursday 31st this issue has the results up to and including that date, next week's issue will start on Jan 1st and run to the 9th)

    2. Index to Meetings and Runners 

    3This final edition includes the hefty form index, detailing all breeding comments for each horse and is a much bigger document than is usually generated. The breeding index is only run twice a season on the Flat, at the end of the turf season in November and at the end of year as now.