Peter O'Sullevan's Horse Racing Heroes

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Sir Peter O'Sullevan was closely involved in horse racing for more than 70 years. He was 'The Voice', his distinctive tones providing the soundtrack for the sport’s greatest occasions, and he was a superbly well-informed pundit whose unrivalled connections secured him a huge following among punters.


But he was also a superb writer, with a humour so dry and a style so distinctive that his 1989 autobiography Calling the Horses topped the best-seller lists. This new edition of Peter O'Sullevan's Horse Racing Heroes, first published in 2004, puts O'Sullevan the writer centre stage as he salutes the heroes - equine as well as human - who enriched an extraordinary racing life.

In this book one racing hero pays affectionate homage to twelve heroes of his own.

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Format: Hardback