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Blinkin' 'Ell

    Blinkin' 'Ell

    Stevie Fisher's Roughest Ride

    Published October 2021

    Edited by Brough Scott 

    Blinkin’ ‘Ell is both a celebration of life and a cautionary tale. It is a raw, boisterous, untutored, un-ghosted scrapbook of memories from a man whose world seemed to have ended in August 2014 when a massive stroke left him permanently incapacitated with only his left eyelid for communication.

    It tells of how, once he found his niche as a championship-winning farrier. Stevie Fisher burned the candle at both ends, in the saddle, at the races, or at many another jape on his countryman’s horizon. The addictive wonder is not just that Stevie has, blink by blink, letter by letter, brought us these stories of his old great times and of his present, unbelievably bad, but that he has done so with all the over-the-top verve of the cheering, galloping hero whose pictures on the wall contrast so vividly with the figure on the bed. Stevie Fisher took a lot out of life. Read Blinkin’ ‘Ell and be amazed and uplifted by how much he still has.