Puzzle Book

    Puzzle Book

    240 Puzzles to Challenge the Most Committed Horse Racing Fan
    ISBN: 9781839500749
    Author: Alan Mortiboys
    Format: Paperback
    Published: 11/10/2021


    The Racing Post Puzzle Book is the first puzzle book written for fans of horseracing. 240 puzzles will provide endless head scratching and entertainment for anyone who enjoys the sport. Its mix of six different types of puzzle will challenge even the most knowledgeable fan. In Fill In The Blanks an account of a race is given with ten key names and other words missing. Do you know enough to fill in the blanks? In Simple Sums, do you have the racing knowledge you need to complete the calculations? In Tell Me The Answer And I’ll Tell You The Question, two questions and two answers are given – can you find which question and answer match? In Get It In One? Or Two, Or Three, Or Four?, how many clues do you need to identify the well-known person or horse? One, two, three or four? In Time For A Rhyme a short poem describes a famous person or horse. Can you complete the missing rhymes and identify who the poem is about? In Where’s The Logic? a logic puzzle is presented in a racing setting. Can you use logic and the clues to deduce the answer?