Enemy Number One

    Enemy Number One

    This is the sensational inside story on how professional punter Patrick Veitch overcame adversity to take the bookmakers for over £10 million in an eight year period.

    Veitch studied maths at Cambridge alongside becoming a major league punter.A comfortable life as a professional punter looked assured until his world was torn apart. He was the victim of an extortion attempt by a dangerous criminal who would subsequently be tried twice for murder and later convicted of attempted murder. Veitch was forced to flee and go into hiding, returning to Cambridge to testify in a bulletproof jacket with police protection.

    With his tormentor behind bars, Veitch took on the bookmakers on a greater scale than ever before. Over the following eight years, he would come to be known as the bookmakers' public enemy number one as he and his followers relieved the bookmakers of colossal sums.


    "Veitch is Britain's most successful gambler, the man bookmakers regard as about as attractive a visitor to their pitch as swine flu." The Daily Telegraph

    "An insight into a fascinating life." The Independent