Punch a Hole in the Wind

    Punch a Hole in the Wind

    The Stories Behind 50 of the Greatest Flat Racehorses Since the Dawn of Film
    ISBN: 9781839500992
    Author: Oli Hein
    Format: Hardback
    Published: 22/09/2022
    Dimensions: 165mm(w)x242mm(h)
    Pages: 224

    Since the thoroughbred horse was first developed over three centuries ago, these magnificent creatures have given the global race-going public limitless joy, and filled our memories with wonder and respect, and Punch a Hole in the Wind focuses on the stories of 50 champion Flat racehorses since the dawn of film. Taking a far more global look than other attempts to capture the lives and victories of the greats from the past, it celebrates our heroes from the UK, France, US, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan, and each story is told with a mixture of humour, passion and solid research. Every horse that has ever raced has given its connections a thrill – but very few can truly by thought of as ‘great’ and this is a celebration of them, rather than an artificial competition between them, and it is an essential companion to race lovers around the world. The perfect gift for any fan of the sport