Run With Your Heart by Steven Wright

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‘Mr Bean meets Red Rum’. Owning Adelphi Warrior, whose ‘uncle’ won the Grand National, is a childhood dream come true for Steve Wright, rebuilding his life after bankruptcy, a broken marriage and hitting the bottle. Run With Your Heart is the true story of how two vulnerable souls find happiness and success together. Set in the Yorkshire Dales, it tells of the laughter, tears and love that life with horses brings.
Steve worships the ex-steeplechaser and dreams of them building a winning partnership together in local cross country competitions and eventing. But first he must learn to stick on. Then Adelphi Warrior suffers a terrible accident. His whole future is in peril. Together, Steve and the horse he loves find a way back from near tragedy and form an inseparable bond.
"This is a lovely story, and one that will resonate with many a horse owner ... A heart-warming read"
Horse & Rider magazine.