Strictly Classified

    Strictly Classified

    Insights into the Trainer's Mind
    Published: 16/10/2015
    Strictly Classified offers readers a unique insight into the workings of a horseman’s mind, notably in relation to their understanding of a racehorse’s psyche, emotions and character. Calling from his training in psychotherapy and other disciplines, Marten Julian sheds light on how those who work with horses try to unravel the innermost workings of a horse’s mind. He has asked many of the world's top trainers and handlers how they identify and relate to a horse’s individual personality and thereby encourage it to realise its full potential.

    Reference is made to how they address the potential effect of a racehorse’s formative years, their integration into a yard, their emotional range of experiences, their spirit, their will to win and their end days. This is a book specifically about horse people, how they respond to a horse’s character and psychological disposition and it is illustrated with examples of a few well-known horses with which they have been involved.

    ‘ … an anecdotal treasury which confirms that many trainers act as much on sheer instinct as on any structure of historical knowledge.’ Robin Oakley, The Spectator
    ‘By the end of the book, whether you’re a serious punter or simply a lover of horses, you cannot help but be more intrigued about the methods employed by trainers and the secrets of the thoroughbred. After more than 40 years dedicated to horseracing and with no sign of his enthusiasm waning, Julian has produced an impressive piece of work that comes strictly recommended.’ Daniel Hill, Racing Post