Taking My Time

    Taking My Time

    My Autobiography, Taking my Time
    ISBN: 9781910497890
    Author: George Baker
    Format: Hardback
    Published: 14/09/2018
    Dimensions: 160mm(w)x240mm(h)
    Pages: 256

    Taking My Time tells both the tall tale of George Baker’s life as a jockey, and the story of a second life emerging from the aftermath of his horror fall on the White Turf at St Moritz in 2017. As a rider, George scaled the highest of highs in the saddle with St Leger victory aboard Harbour Law cementing his place among the sport's elite, despite having the body of a man surely destined for another occupation. Tortuous battles with the scales were ultimately won, popularity among peers and punters was assured and life was good and getting better. Until the terrible accident which left him with serious head injuries forced him to restart; he had to live again. He was the same person but different.

    New obstacles had to be cleared and trauma both physical and mental needed to be met and overcome. The story is told with the wit and wisdom that has come to characterise George Baker, and his wife Nicola recounts, with humour and humility, the toll taken on the those closest to him and the perilous nature of life at his side.

    "George Baker's story should be required reading for anyone dealing with a head injury." Marcus Armytage, The Daily Telegraph

    "A hugely encouraging story of how a man and his wife have coped with life-changing trauma at the age of just 34." Robin Oakley, The Spectator