The Definitive Guide to Betting on the All-Weather

    The Definitive Guide to Betting on the All-Weather

    ISBN: 9781839501111
    Author: David Bellingham
    Format: Paperback
    Published: 31/10/2022
    Dimensions: 138mm(w)x216mm(h)

    The Definitive Guide to Betting on the All-Weather is a brand-new edition and the ultimate fans’ guide. Written by David Bellingham, an expert Racing Post journalist with over 25 years’ experience covering the all-weather, it includes a wealth of his uniquely accumulated data and statistics to help find winners on these surfaces. It covers in detail the seven all-weather tracks in Britain and Ireland, with a chapter dedicated to each, a description of each track, together with statistics covering jockeys, trainers, sires and draw. It delves into the technical stuff, covering subjects such as form assessment, speed ratings, pace and track biases, sectional times and identifying whether the shape of the race will have a bearing on the likely outcome. It also includes a race diary covering a series of race meetings from the author’s point of view, as there is no better place to put all the theory into practice than at the racecourse where real money is changing hands. This is a must-have guide for betters and fans of the sport.