The History of Horse Racing in 100 Objects

    The History of Horse Racing in 100 Objects

    ISBN: 9781839500794
    Author: Steve Dennis
    Format: Hardback
    Published: 11/10/2021
    Dimensions: 150mm(w)x223mm(h)
    Pages: 288

    The History of Horse Racing in 100 Objects, written by racing journalist Steve Dennis, is an ambitious and extensive work that embraces the vast sweep of a global sport, condensing its heart and soul into a century of milestones that connect its ancient past and its vibrant present. It takes the reader on a wild ride from racing’s earliest organised blossoming in the 16th century to its most modern technological advances, via the innovations that have contributed to the shape of the sport and the great horses, characters and events that have delighted and intrigued countless generations. Here are the 100 objects that make horse racing what it is, that describe its journey through the ages, that express its eternal fascination for all those who fall under its intoxicating spell. By turns inspirational, informative, revelatory and thought-provoking, this evocation of the sounds, colours and history of horse racing will appeal to both devotees of the great sport and those discovering it for the first time.